Yann Candy is the name for Ioanna Papadopoulos aka ΙΩ , a girl who was having fun painting her house walls since she was five - and got punished for it not only once! Her parents recognised her talend and helped her improove through a series of art courses. Although she never got an official degree in Arts, she is an active artist taking part in solo and group exhibitions and by giving  drawing courses  and craft & reuse project workshops to adults and kids.

Born in Kozani and grown in Thessaloniki she is now based in Athens - Greece, having her own business of art materials trade with her husband -also artist ΜΠΑΤΗΣ (Batis). . Music has always been inspiring for her. She is regularly completing art projects and trying to use art for good causes.She is available for collaborations, so feel free to contact her so that  she'll make something awesome for you.

Exhibitions/ works/ colabs

2016- took part in 'SurfArt festival Athens' with paintings

2015 - theatrical scenery and artworks for Beatrix Potter kids Play ( polytechno team )

-mega chanel - iroides series - paintings - 2015

-paintings in cheap art 2014

-Took part in 7ply project by propaganda & cu in Thessaloniki - Greece (2012)-Took part in "GROUP IN FUSSION " EXHIBITION by 'Silver 925' graffiti shop & MICHAEL ANDERSON @PSYRRI--OCTOBER 2011 http://www.chamuconegro.com/category/michaelnews

-Took over the decoration of an eastpack bag for Eastpack's event "Tag your Pack" , September 2011.

-Took part in "Protolia" art festival in August 19-22 2011, in Kalamaria Thesssaloniki, with paintings  on canvas and wood.

-Took over the setup of Jewelry Exhibition for "Chords & Fairies" (May 2011)

- murals for "paparouna bar" (May 2011)

-Personal art exhibition In the Gallery bar "Zeyksidos6" in Thessaloniki, Greece (November-december 2010)

-Took part in "Fringe festival 2010" with her painting "everythingsFashion" (June 2010)

-Took part in World wide art books "International Contemporary Masters 2009" with her digital artwork "Another Dimention" in 2009  http://issuu.com/despina/docs/international_contemporary_masters_2009  (January 2009)

-Took part in the  Christmas  bazaar for The Greek Protection Company For Autistic Children  by giving her artworks to the company.  http://www.autismgreece.gr  (December 2009).

-took part in Ghoette institute art group exhibition in 1999 with her other colleages in Maria Hande's workshop.


press about candy :

worldwide art books: http://www.amazon.com/International-Contemporary-Masters-Despina-Tunberg/dp/0980207916

interview on maelli radio